A multifunctional and self-service kiosk.


The CRS is a discreet, efficient and easy-to-use solution for casinos. 

The CRS-E4 will offer your customers innovative and efficient services. This stand-alone machine gives them the possibility to withdraw TITO tickets, reload their cashless card and receive their winnings.


Its 15″ touch screen makes it comfortable to use. Its compact and customizable design makes it fit perfectly with your visual marketing. The CRS-E4 eliminates cash handling at the point of sale, eliminating counting errors. Your employees can perform more value-added tasks: welcoming, advising, selling ….






Reduces the volume of cash to be processed in accounts.

The customer has a complete autonomy on this kiosk.

Other businesses can use this cash system as a payment solution.

Most casino data systems are compatible with the cash system.