About us

About us



Composed of people with great experience in cash management and optimization of said cash management, CashDev Group supports all the economic actors who have to manage cash flows or who wish to have a cash management solution.

CashDev Group prides itself on its flexibility.

Thanks to our own research department we are able to adapt our products to the exact requirements of our customers.

With a departement in electronics allowing constant improvement and adaptation to our components, an It departement allowing developments of new software, the adaptation of existing ones as well as the connection to customer’s servers,  creating, improving and simplifying use are our main focus.

A Computer Assisted Design department and a mechanical team designs, modernises and adapts our hardware to each specific market or integration.

Our team of after care technicians support new distributors as well as existing customers in training and helping them maintain and update their system during the lifespan of their machines.

We make sure to be pinvolved all through the creation process to the use of our system to provide the best product we can and keep improving it.




For over 20 years, we have been developing products and services to enable economic actors such as financial institutions, retail, transport companies and others to optimize cash management.






CashDev USA Inc. brings you the right solution to manage your cash: payments, collections, exchange of currency, deposits, withdrawals and refund systems.
We offer innovative payment solutions adapted to your needs and to user consumption trends while taking into account your constraints: geographical, legislative, sectoral…





CashDev Group is a French company that puts its expertise and skills at your disposal to offer you efficient payment solutions.
We have our own design office which allows us to adapt our products and services to your needs and control the design and production process.